Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Card Inspiration

I was looking through the July/August 2011 issue of Paper Craft that I got from the library and saw a beautiful card so I tried my hand at it.  Here is my version:
 Basically you just cut 12 1 1/4 inch squares from double sided paper, staple the bottom, glue them on (I used hot glue) then glue the button in the middle, so fun!  I used some 1 inch squares to add some dimension to the bottom of the card and covered up the tops of the squares with a coordinating paper.  The Thank You stamp is from Stampin' Up

I have started making copies of ideas that I like from paper crafting or stamping magazines and keeping an "idea binder"  the butterfly card below came from there.  It is fashioned after an idea from the July 2009 issue of Card Maker magazine (page 29)  I like to take an idea, tweak it, and make it my own with the supplies I have on hand.

This penguin card is an original design inspired by Andy Warhol art.  I used the Cricut Christmas cartridge to make the cute penguins.  This card is one of the ones I am giving to Erica from Cricut Craft Room http://mycricutcraftroom.blogspot.com/ who is trying to collect 5,000 cards for St. Jude Children's Hospital.  Check out her blog for more info.

Hope these cards have inspired you, take the ideas, and make them yours!